Our Story

You can grow new brain cells, it's called neurogenesis  
Until the 1950s, researchers thought we born with a set amount of brain cells and they continuously die through our life span. 
This theory was proved to be wrong by Joseph Altman in 1962 who demonstrated that we can grow new brain cells throughout our entire life. 
This process is called neurogenesis and it affects how we think, feel and act, therefore the quality of our entire life. It's one of the most important biomarkers when it comes to our mental health and the quality of our life.
Even more, we can  increase the rate of our neurogenesis and significantly improve our brain health and that is what Neurogen Australia set out to help you do.

The Problem
1 in every 5 Aussies — about 4 million people — suffers from a mental illness in a given year, and almost half the population has suffered a mental disorder at some time in their life.

Our Story
My name is Andras Koncz, I grew up Europe on our family ranch in the Hungarian countryside. 

Right after I moved to Australia and started my university degree, I also launched my media business as well at the same.

It was a big bite to chew, and trying to keep my business afloat while financing my studies from the lean income it generated, I ended up working around the clock for three years anxious and many times depressed...

Then I discovered the concept of an increased neurogenesis - the growth of new brain cells in Dr. Saundrine Thuret's TED talk, "You can grow new brain cells". Read all the books and research I could find on the topic - among them Prof. Brent Cortright's "The Neurogenesis Diet and Lifestyle" - and consulted with neuroscientists and doctors.

After incorporating a neurogenesis supporting routine in my everyday lifestyle, my mental well being and productivity quickly improved and I finally felt great with a clear and positive mind. I finished my degree, landed some big clients for my media company and completed an Ironman 70.3.

I thought this is way too important to keep it in research papers and TED talks. So I made it my mission to get it out to the World in a practical and efficient way.

Based on my findings I put together a neurogenesis supporting program and supplement to help others do the same and unlock their true potential. This is what Neurogen Australia is all about: Making a positive impact on the World's mental health, productivity and overall happiness.

Our Solution
Neurogen Australia is a cutting edge mental health company that aims to remove the stigma from mental health and create a popular and inspiring brand providing organic brain care supplements, community events and assets based on the latest neuroscience research.